Updating Your Program Configurations

We want every provider to be in control of their program. That's why we give every provider the ability to do just that. We'll show you how in this article

Updated your program is easy,  just follow these simple steps.

              Note: Only users with administrative permissions can update Program Outline settings

Accessing Provider Program Settings

  • Simply click the settings icon located in the right-hand corner of the navigation menu 
  • Select Program Outline from the menu on the right

Minimum and Maximum Cost Allowed

Every practice is unique. That's why let each provider control what cost fits their practice needs. 

  • From the settings menu select Program Outline

  • To update the minimum max amount financed move the Amount Financed slider left or right with our mouse
    • Note: Amounts can be adjusted in increments of $25
    • Tip: Click the slider button and use the left or right arrow keys to move 
  • Click Save

Maximum Term 

Whether you want terms up to 84 months or 6, we've got you covered.

  • Click to select the Maximum Term Length slider
  • Adjust your maximum by moving the slider right or left
    • Terms can be adjusted up or down in 1-month increments 
  • Click Save


Standard Down Payment Requirements

Adjust your standard minimum down payment requirements to cover and offset your overhead cost.

  • Select whether you want your down payment generated as a percentage or dollar amount
  • Adjust the down payment for each credit grade
  • Click Save

Interest Rates

  • From the Program Outline page select Interest Rates in the menu tab
  • Select an interest rate as a standard for all term lengths or by term bucket
    • Note: Each state has a maximum interest rate. For regulatory compliance, our software will not allow selection of an interest rate higher than the provider state allows. 
  • Click Save