How to Make a Payment on Behalf of a Patient

Whether your patient is paying ahead or just trying to catch up, we've made it easy to take payments on your patient's active HFD payment plan, right from the portal.

Processing Payments

If the patients payment plan is active, each user will have the ability to take payments on a patient payment plan right from the patients account details page. 

Remember, you'll need authorization from the patient to process a payment on their account

  • From the menu in the Provider Portal hover over Payment Plans and select Applications
  • Use the search bar at the top of the grid to find the payment plan click on that patients HFD ID
  • Select Make A Payment just under the patients name and address

  • Select from the credit or debit cards already on file or add a new one

  • Once the card is selected, I dialog box will appear with the option to pay the outstanding balance or a custom amount. 
  • Click Make a Payment
  • A result message will appear with the processing results

  • Upon successful payment, the payment is then posted to the patients account and a note will appear in the timeline