Creating A Custom Service

We know that treatment is not one size fits all. That's why we allow you to customize your down payments by dollar amount, treatment name, and standard cost.


This action can only be completed by an account administrator and overwrites your standard program guidelines, in favor of a custom down payment.


  • From the dashboard, in the Provider Portal, select Create in the Quick Actions menu
  • A flyout will appear to the right
  • Simply enter
    • Service name (What your team knows the service provided as.)
    • Cost (What the standard cost of treatment for the service is.)
      • Don't worry cost is customizable by each application,
    • Description (Something to help you remember the serve by.)
    • Down Payment (The minimum dollar amount the customer must pay to receive financing.)
    • Default Service (Only check this box if this is the default service you would like immediately visible to your team.)
  • Click Add Service

Add Service


That's it! This service will now be accessible to your team during the application process.